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  • A crumble cake of stoved Red and Golden Virginia tobaccos with a touch of “Naval Rations” combined with Orientals and Latakia expertly blended with dark air-cured black cigar leaf.


  • A lush liga with a creamy core laced with abundant notes of cedar, cocoa and café, which is punctuated by a tellicherry peppercorn retrohale. Pleasing to the nose and providing the smoker a delightfully sweet, lingering finish.

  • A creamy liga with softer flavors of cedar, caramel and café, which are complimented by its inherent sweetness being allowed to blossom on the palate and nose – a nuttiness is also apparent within this blend.

  • Earthy with coffee notes and a nice punch of spice. A robust, durable cigar that is perfect for any environment.

  • At its core is an inherent sweetness paired with a savory spiciness, but hidden within its layers are notes of cocao, espresso, loam and even chicory root.

Call: (724)-667-4419

 Exclusivo It is a complex smoke featuring filler tobaccos from all four primary growing regions: Jalapa, Condega, Ometepe and Esteli. Each is bale aged a minimum of 5 years. It takes the smoker from a silky-smooth beginning of sweet cedar and cinnamon and builds to a medium bodied smoke with the texture of creme brûlée laced with a soft pepper. It is a very intricate blend that rewards the smoker with balance and nuance.

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